Character Info

ID: pony.voltexpixel.com
Should be marked as: Voltex Pixel the Pony

 Voltex Pixel the Pony a.k.a. Vix is an immature male unicorn pony. He is highly intellectual yet a bit shy in many situations, although he tries to be confident as much as he can. He is also very competitive and challenging, especially in computer science, so he is always likely to try something new he never saw or tried before.

 Having a lack of sociality, Vix used to have many troubles with the relationship between himself and his friends. Fortunately, thanks to his best friends Caroline, Carolyn Cariño in full name, he is now making efforts on caring about friendship.

Voltex Pixel Voltex Pixel the Pony - Figurine Style

Voltex Pixel Voltex Pixel the Pony - G4 Original Style

Voltex Pixel - Together Being Immature

Voltex Pixel - Immature


Carolyn Caroline Cariño - Vix's Best Friend!